Our Family Business Story

Mimi’s Bakehouse is a second-generation family business established in Edinburgh in 2010, when Michelle Phillips sold her family home to open a bakery café in Leith. We have gone on to build a local success story brand that gives people a ‘hug when they walk in the door’ as the original café has since doubled in size and the business has gained five more shops, a successful website selling cakes online and a concession at Archerfield Walled Garden. We also opened an industrial bakery in March 2020, out of which most online trade is produced for fulfilment. Mimi’s Bakehouse has become one of Edinburgh’s best-loved bakeries and an award-winning brand which is a well-known “feel good” place to visit, while remaining small enough to go the extra mile and try new things.

What Mimi’s is all about

We have had a strong family business since day one and are popular with children, parents and grandparents alike. While most of the company’s founding family members now take on management roles behind the scenes, they are ever-present in the daily running of the business and can often be seen helping in the café or the bakery, particularly during the pandemic. By adapting to the ever-changing landscape of hospitality and pushing forward with new ideas and concepts, we hope to make our family business an Edinburgh institution for generations to come.

Family Photo Album