Meet The Family

Mimi’s Bakehouse is fresh out the oven, first opening the doors in November 2010 but the concept has been baking for generations. Mimi’s Daughter Gemma is now the fourth generation of bakers in the family and the passion shows no sign of slowing down. An old and bashed book sits in a secret location bursting with clippings and guarded family recipes, its pages learnt cover to cover but its contents still treasured. Mimi’s is a product of our family history and it is this that gives us our knowledge to innovate and create as we look to the future. We are incredibly proud that Mimi’s is a family business, it is the essence of what we do, it provides us our passion and creates the warmth we hope you feel when you visit!
So take your time and meet the Mimi’s family…

Name: Michelle Phillips (Mimi)

Position: Managing Director

Favourite Cake: Chocolate Oreo Cake

Favourite Savoury: Croque Mimi

Name: Michael Phillips

Position: Barista Extraordinaire

Favourite Cake: Mint Aero Slice

Favourite Savoury: French Toast with Maple Syrup


Name: Natalie Togher

Position: Financial Coordinator

Favourite Cake: Mars Bar Crispy

Favourite Savoury: Coconut Crispy Chicken

Name: John Togher

Position: The IT Guy

Favourite Cake: Banana Caramel Cupcake

Favourite Savoury: Pulled Pork Bap

 Name: Rose Togher

Position: Rising Star

Favourite Cake: Rainbow Cake

Favourite Savoury: Fishcakes

Mimi's Bakehouse Ash Mimi's Bakehouse Andy

Name: Ashley Harley

Position: Events and Human Resources Manager

Favourite Cake: Rocky Road

Favourite Savoury: Savoury Tart

Name: Andy Harley

Position: The one that’s yet to join

Favourite Cake: Daim Slice

Favourite Savoury: Succulent Steak Bun

Mimi's Bakehouse Gemma 

Mimi's Bakehouse Scott 

Name: Gemma Clearie

Position: Head Baker

Favourite Cake: Empire Biscuit

Favourite Savoury: Mexican Quesadilla

Name: Scott Clearie

Position: Brand and Operations Manager

Favourite Cake: Malteaser Slice

Favourite Savoury: Macaroni

Mimi's Bakehouse Harris

Name: Harris Clearie

Position: Office Dog

Favourite Cake: Pup Cake

Favourite Savoury: Carrots