Tea and Cake with... Gemma

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We sat down with Mini Mimi, Gemma to talk all things baking, Mimi's and dog related. We found out what it is like being the Head Baker, here at Mimi's and some cake disasters! If there's any more you'd like to know about Gemma and our bakery here, leave your questions in the comments below. Now grab a cuppa and enjoy! 

What was it that inspired you to get into baking?
My mum (Mimi) used to make us the best birthday cakes. I always loved helping mum in the kitchen. She always encouraged me to help and try new recipes

What is your earliest memory of cake?
My earliest memory is making fairy cakes with my mum. She would always ask me to make them to impress visitors.

How do you come up with new ideas for cakes at Mimi’s Bakehouse?
My mum has a massive collection of recipe books that she has collected over the years. These help when coming up with new creations. Instagram is also great tool for following cake lovers and foodies.

What’s your favourite part about working in your own family’s business?
I love how passionate we all are. We all work in different areas of the business which is why we get on so well. At family meals we try to not bring up work too much. 

Describe a usual day in the bakery?
It starts bright and early at 6am, we bake the scones, muffins and pop the bread in the oven. I organise what each baker will do each day, as each will have a certain task to do that day. Then we starting producing our yummy cakes, traybakes, icing and cutting them. We start serving afternoon teas later, it is a constant hub of activity in the bakery and I love it.

If you can narrow it down, what are your favourite 3 cakes at Mimi’s?
Scones are a firm favourite served with our homemade jam and clotted cream, lately I’ve been experimenting with new flavours, it’s so much fun! Red Velvet Brownies are so moreish and finally anything with coconut I’ll be happy.

When you’re not at Mimi’s creating all our yummy treats what do you like to do?
I love spending time with my husband, Scott and our border terrier, Harris, on sunny days we like to relax at Portobello Beach, Harris even knows where the dog treat van is! We are also both big foodies, so on most days off will involve eating out at different places around the city. 
What is your funniest bakery disaster?
Our cakes were selling very fast one sunny day I decided to quickly whip up a raspberry and coconut roulade, I filled it with cream and berries, rolled it and ran to the fridge with it. You can guess what happened next. SPLAT! I ran away so fast, I was so embarrassed and upset! I can now laugh about it.

Favourite restaurant in Edinburgh?
Scran and Scallie – great food and excellent service every time. Also dog friendly!



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