Baking with Mimi... Sunblushed Tomato and Rosemary loaf

Posted on September 07, 2016 by Gillian Dustan | 0 Comments

This is a must for the autumn days fast approaching. Perfect to go with a bowl of homemade soup or even as a sandwich! Share you baking creations with us with #bakingwithmimi Love, Gillian x

Sunblushed Tomato and Rosemary Loaf


500g Plain Strong Flour
40g Butter
50ml Milk 
1tsp Salt 
80g Sunblushed Tomatoes (finely choped)
300ml Water
10g Fresh yeast
1tsp Oregano
1tsp Rosemary 
1tsp Thyme 

  1. Melt the butter in a jug, add the milk before adding 300ml with warm (NOT boiling!) water. 
  2. Add the yeast, using your fingers rub the yeast into the liquid mix. 
  3. In a bowl, mix together the flour, herbs, sunblushed tomatoes and salt. 
  4. Add in the liquid and mix well until it comes away from the sides to form a ball. 
  5. Put the dough into a large bowl and cover with cling film. Leave to rise for 2 hours. 
  6. Pre-heat the oven to 200°C. 
  7. Knead the dough and shape into a loaf. Place the bread onto a well floured baking tray and score with a knife before lightly during with flour. 
  8. Place in the oven, make sure there is enough room above for the bread to rise. Bake for 27 minutes.
  9. Once baked, place on a wire rack straight away, to make sure you don't get a soggy bottom! Leave to cool before cutting.




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