Baking with Mimi: Fudge

Posted on December 07, 2016 by Rebecca Brown | 0 Comments

Christmas at Mimi's usually means Fudge. Our Fudge gift bags have been a sell-out at both Cake Cabins so far. We thought we'd share the recipe so you can try it at home. Love Mimi X

Mimi's Fudge Recipe


100g Unsalted Butter
550g Demerara Sugar
200g Golden Syrup
350ml Double Cream
1tsp Vanilla Extract
½ tsp Sea Salt Flakes

23cm x 23cm Square Tin


  1. Line a square tin with grease proof paper. Mix all the ingredients, apart from the Vanilla Extract and Sea Salt Flakes together in a heavy-based saucepan over a medium heat. 
  2. Slowly bring to the boil and stir at all times (with a wooden spoon) until the thermometer reaches 116C. Turn down the heat if it begins to catch!
  3. When it reaches 116C remove from the heat and beat in the Vanilla Essence and Sea Salt Flakes. Continue to beat until the mixture is nice and thick and loses its shine. 
  4. Pour into the lined tin and leave to set for roughly 1 hour.
  5. Once the mixture has firmed up a little, cut into squares and leave to cool completely.
  6. Store in a refrigerator in a lined, air-tight container.

Mimi's Top Tip: Place the Fudge squares into little bags and give them as gifts at Christmas!


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